Nintendo Tribute "Clu Clu Land" (and Process)

Here is a basic posting of the process for Clu Clu land from pretty much beginning to end.
A lot of the steps are the same, so I will only make notes where I think it is necessary:

1. I started with a bunch of composition sketches as always. (below)
2. I picked the one that I thought was most interesting. (below)
3. I added tones and shadows (below)
4. I then started to add the flat colors. In mid process I realized that I didn't like what was happening with the hand. I realized that it would be easier to paint in an actual hand over the image so I added that in (below)
5. I then painted over the basic colors. I decided that I didn't like what was happening with the textures in the Trojan piece, so I decided to not* get fancy and just used a basic round brush. I set the options so that the pen pressure controls would allow for a lot of sensitivity. (below)
6. The picture was very flat at this point and was missing some elements so, I added in a jewel (which is what you collect in the game) and then I also added in some poles (which in the original game your character uses to swing around and make turns to collect the jewels) (below)
7. I then tried to really push the lighting so that objects that are closer would stand out a lot more from objects that are further away (to try and give it a sense of depth) I also added in lighting and played with the shadows some more. (below)
8. Done and Done!