A troylloyd two ways

So, I've had this untitled (and as far as I know unpublished) strip by troylloyd hanging on the wall of my bedroom since he sent it to me, about three years ago:

Then, recently, I had to take it down for some cleaning, and while it was lying on the bed, I caught a glimpse of it upside down, and noticed some things that I had never noticed in it before: there are some figures there, it seems, and even something like speech balloons:

I don't know which way I like it better--all the way abstract, or only partially so. Troy had never told me which way to hang it. (But this also reminds me of the anecdote of Kandinsky "discovering" abstraction by seeing his paintings upside down... Only in reverse. Or something.)

This is also a post to ask if anyone knows whatever happened to Troy--he hasn't posted here or updated his own blogs in a couple of years, and my emails have remained unanswered. If anyone knows, please contact me. Or if you are reading this, Troy, speak up, dude!