CONVICT CONCERTO is the 58th Woody Woodpecker cartoon, released theatrically on November 22, 1954. Woody is the piano tuner at the "Melody Music Shoppe." Check out these very musical pieces of background art, digitally re-assembled.

As the cartoon opens, we see Woody tuning a grand piano in the music store window.

Meanwhile, out in the street, there's a neighborhood bank being robbed.

After an exchange of gunfire, the robber flees, ducking into the music store. This digitally re-assembled pan B/G is the street in front of the "Melody Music Shoppe."

Woody continues tuning until rudely disturbed by the cash-toting gangster. He first confronts Woody here, just inside the front of the store:

Here's the scene of much of the cartoon's activity - the grand piano. Note the cel overlay bag-o-cash at the left!

Meanwhile, a policeman issues a "calling all cars" alert on the police alarm.

This wonderful pan B/G is the musical playground where Woody displays his virtuosity!

Look at the exquisite detail in this harp...

Left side detail, marimba and harp:

Right side detail including a policeman sitting on the stolen loot!

A big truck waits out front, for the get-away - to include the gangster, his mob buddies, the grand piano and the loot!

Here's a very loooooong pan B/G, the scene of a humungous explosion which wreaks obvious havoc on the store's instruments::

Left side detail, complete with euphonium (cel overlay):

Right side detail:

Here's that harp we saw before, far less concert ready:

And here's the remains of a drum set and some band instruments...

The street, scene of the big get-away...

The get-away continues over this gorge...

There's even a silent-movie-style railroad incident...

Ultimately, the bad guys end up where they belong... landing smack dab in the middle of a prison yard!


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ALADDIN - Cave of Wonders Pan Background

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with usual left, middle and right sections following, for detail!

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Here, digitally re-assembled artwork from a Bugs Bunny classic!

Here's an incredibly long digitally re-created pan B/G:

DETAILS: The left side bedroom:

The left side hall:


Right hall:

and now, on with the show...

This pan B/G is followed by left and right details:

And again, the show continues...