Science Gone Wrong on CGHub site

This is a sketch that I did for the site.
It was a fun challenge and I am looking forward to doing more.



What a cute title card!

This first digitally re-assembled pan shot starts with the pups, pans up to the name on the doghouse, then pans left to the proud parents.

Isn't this a gorgeous backyard? I especially love the flower trellis. and note the artful disarray of the pots on the rear right - along with a bag of fertilizer and the old-fashioned lawn mower!

I could have digitally eliminated the worm but I liked he stayed!

This huge pan B/G took considerable time to re-assemble. But whata great pice of B/G art!

The end of the cartoon and it's night-time...

The final restored pan:

Left side detail:

Right side detail:

Back to Basics

Every now and again I feel like my drawing is shit. So it helps to try and go back to basics and do some figure drawing. Here are some posts from a recent drawing night at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.

Mentioning Some Friends

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to mention some worthwhile endeavors:

The comic book put out by Disney artists last year called "What is Torch Tiger?" was nominated for an Eisner award this year and Disney artist Nathan Greno was nominated for an individual Eisner for his story. This year there won't be an installment from the Disney Story Artists but luckily the Visual Development department has picked up the slack. Coming in July is their anthology called "PecknPaw and the Black Mirror". Click here to visit their group blog. Can't wait to see it!

Also worth mentioning is the Suspended Animation Gallery, started by former Disney staffer Tenny Chonin. She sells the personal artwork of several Disney artists, including Disney legend Walt Peregoy. Check it out here.

Disney animator Pres Romanillos has suffered a relapse of leukemia. There is a site here where you can view artwork that is to be auctioned off to help raise money for his care. Check it out!

Moe Anime

Self portrait as an anime character


Disney created the lost world of ATLANTIS in their 2001 animated feature.