Mighty Bomb Jack (Process Post)

I have been trying to think of a these for the MOCCA fest book that will be out for the April show. I think that for the first official book, I am going to do a collection of paintings/pieces from Nintendo games that I grew up playing (and there were a lot). One of the first games that I grew up playing was Mighty Bomb Jack (a game where you were super hero who had to collect bombs and avoid mummies and floating skulls. Very fun!)

One of the things that I have learned was that I need to focus more on shapes and composition. I did a number of sketches to try and figure out what the best composition would be (below)
Then I scanned the composition/sketch that I liked and then went over it again in Photoshop and Painter. I then started to add the shadow values an tried to keep the light source in mind. (below)

I then started to add in the flat colors on a new layer (I started with the center figure first). (below)
...then continuing onto the background layers after..(below)
Then finally I covered everything with a paintover layer, added the textures, lighting effects and final polish. (below)