Nintendo Pro Wrestling: Step by Step Process

The next entry in my Nintendo tribute series is "Pro Wrestling". This is another game that I played for hours and hours on end. It was and is still one of my favorites to this day ("A winner is you!").
Below is the step by step to the final piece.

1. I wanted to do something that included all of the wrestlers naturally, so I did a couple of different sketches, of all the wrestlers in different poses, and finally settled on the one below. It basically has all of the wrestlers in the front, and Great Puma (the Champion of the VWL--Video Wrestling League) in the back overshadowing the rest of the wrestlers. (below)
2. Then I added a base black and white color and started to block in the shadows (below)
3. I added a background color to give the painting an overall sense of color (purple seemed to work well in the color scheme of the rest of the wrestlers in the group shot) (below)
4. Then I started to add the flat colors over all of the wrestlers (I used the original game instruction manual as a basis for the colors (below)
5. I next started to do the paintover layer, and went over all of the details and the edges. I had a little trouble with Starman's arms as they were folded over each other. So I had to spend a little time going over that some more. Also, now that I am looking at it Figher Hayabusa's shoulder (lower left next to The Amazon) looks a little humpy and weird. As always the biggest issue that I had was anatomy, although I felt that with this piece I am getting a little better. The key as always is practice (below)

6. Finally I added final shadows, and lighting, and used the text from the actual Pro-Wrestling box and voila!'s going in the book.

Next up, Bubble Bobble!!!!!