Hulk in Color Painted Last Time

Ok, I won't paint this guy anymore. I just wanted to see how it would look in painter with colors...

Six Million Dollar Man and Sasquatch In color

More playing around with painter. I realized that some sketches look completely different when color is finally applied.


Samus Aran - Metroid Painted

Ok, so I decided to try something different and switch to "Painter" which is basically a painting program that simulates actual painting. I decided to paint the Samus sketch over in painter to see how this looks.
Not bad for my first foray into the painter world. More to come.

EGYPT - Donald And the Wheel (1961)

This is actually one of several segments from a truly humungous master pan BG. Previously I posted the recreated Greek section.

I've been meaning to work on this EGYPT section for months. I finally got around to it! It wasn't easy. There is a chariot race is this scene. I could only build this slowly, one slice at a time. Near the end of the "pan," two horses (with two different Donalds!) actually criss-cross! Here's what I had to contend with:

I couldn't clear the entire image, but I was able to recreate most of the pan background, with Donald and his horse split. Don't even ask me why, it just worked out this way! I did a little clean-up painting in Photoshop, but 99% of this is original and un-retouched,

As usual I have split the sections so you can see more detail. Here's the left side Sphinx section.

Here's a close-up of the right side. I like the little cluster of palm trees in the middle.

I am far from expert at mediums, but it appears to be pastels. Expert opinions - please!

Samus Aran - Metroid

Bionic commando

Sho Kosugi--Revenge of the Ninja

Charles Bronson

Work's been I haven't been able to post over the past week. Finally though some posts..

A Tribute to Joe Ranft

The other day, on what would have been Joe Ranft's 50th birthday, there was a lunchtime event at work where several of Joe's friends told anecdotes about him and showed home movies.

This is a video by John Musker illustrating various famous stories about Joe. I wish I could explain them, but to my great regret I had a meeting and couldn't go to the tribute.

If the video isn't formatted properly for you, click here to go to the original youtube page.

Invention REinvention (A Part of JC Friday's)

This past week was the "Invention REinvention" mixed media art show in Jersey city.
The theme of the show as to create works of art from items that you find in your house, and then to make new works. I had an entry (which is a 3 piece series) called "Morning, Noon and Night" which were junk mail collages that I made by cutting out and scanning pieces into Photoshop and then manipulating them to give the sense of depth.  It was my first art show and I was pretty excited to be in it. I even sold one of the pieces! Below are the images that I created for the show.



POOH pan background

In this charming pan background, Christopher Robin walks to the tree and back. I was able to digitally remove him. Kanga and Eeyore stay put, however, simply watching... so they remain. Notice the beautiful detail - especially Christopher Robin's toys!