Sonic the Hedgehog!

Ok so this week, I decided to do a rework of Sonic the Hedgehog, which was something that I had done a while back. but......I thought that it was lame (colors needed work, etc. etc.). So I went back and reworked this piece a big and finished it. Below is the final work:

Below are just a few notes about the work:

 Started with a sketch. I did a couple of drawings in my sketchbook, but decided to just go with the basic front shot of Sonic running at you.

 At this point last time I stopped and thought that it was done, but I decided to go one further and add another layer and paint on top of it, and to then add the color.

I found a sparkly brush and used that on the rings in the background. Here is Sonic folks enjoy!

Next Up: Double Dragon (again) ! Yee Haw!!!