Query--abstract comics in shows

I received the following query from Kym Tabulo, who is doing a Doctorate of Creative Arts at Sunshine Coast University in Queensland, Australia, on the topic Concerning the Spiritual in Abstract Sequential Art:

Currently I am researching Gallery Comics.

I know of Silent Pictures and Out of Sequence.

Can you please tell me if anyone has undertaken a solo abstract gallery comics exhibition?

Perhaps Nina Roos, Rosaire Appel, Mark Staff Brandl or Andrei Molotiu?

Kym is referring to the shows Silent Pictures, organized by Linda Norden and myself at the James Gallery at CUNY in September 2009, and the traveling show, Out of Sequence, organized by John Jennings and Damian Duffy for the Krannert Art Museum, and which went to two other locations. Mark Staff Brandl and I were featured in that one.

To begin to answer Kym, there also was an abstract comics contingent in the NeoIntegrity show at MoCCA in 2010--Mark Badger, Richard Hahn, and I, in this case, plus a 1992 piece by Peter Halley. Also, there was an "abstract comics" section--featuring Warren Craghead, Blaise Larmee, Rosaire Appel, Derik Badman, and me--in the Party Crashers show at the Arlington Arts Center, in 2010-2011 (Here is my work in that show).

As for me, I've had solo shows featuring abstract comics at the University of Louisville in 2005(Here is the essay written about my work on that occasion by Jay Kloner), at ArtLexis in Brooklyn in 2009 (unfortunately the gallery seems to be out of business now, and I can't link to it directly--but see image above), and at Franklin College in 2010. (Plus I've had abstract comics in a bunch of group shows.)

Anyone else? Please post all the shows in which you've had abstract comics in the comments. Thanks!