This weeks post is more of a long form post for a piece that I plan on completing over the weekend. The process is basically going to be a combination of both traditional and digital process.
Since this character has been drawn by so many other artists, I basically tried to put my own spin on it (like every artist does). So I did a bunch of roughs of Marvel flying, and in a bunch of different poses (below)

I finally decided on a version of him amidst smoke and having just transformed after uttering the words "Shazam"..(below). Of all the poses I like this one the best..

I have basically started to pencil this out and work up the layout. I am starting with blue pencils to get the placement right, then pencil over the drawing, then inks, and then painting., (initial sketch below)
I then went over the blue pencils with a 6B pencil...
Then scanned the drawing and brought it into Painter 11..and added values..
Then laid down basic colors....
Then added the lightning effects.... 
and..voila!!!! done!!!!