Madam Illness, a 1-hour abstract comic

So, for Thanksgiving, I made a little art.  Thanks to Mike Getsiv's inspiration, I thought I would take a whirl on a 1-hour, 24-page comic.  I did mine digitally.  Otherwise, I followed Mike's rules. The only prep I did was establishing the page size and resolution.  The only post production was making the cover and the back page.  Well, and I had to do some file conversion to save as a pdf. 

Some pages are better than others, but in the spirit of the exercise I share them all here.  And yes, they are in the order in which I made them.  Dang, but that hour flew by fast!

I can't think of a better way to spend pre-feast Thanksgiving, though.  Thanks, Mike, for the idea and the pointers.

Madam Illness