Apollo Creed

This week's piece is one of the great unsung heroes of the Rocky Movies..Apollo Creed!
Aside from the fact that he was a great supporting character and mentor..Apollo Creed was just bad-ass...So I decided to do something of him standing in the ring...nothing too out of the ordinary.

1. I decided that this time around to try drawing this one traditionally and then inking it.
It took a couple of tries..because each time I wasn't happy with the result.
I love the dynamic lines that sometimes happen spontaneously when sketching..and I felt like I was losing that when I would try and apply inks digitally. So getting the drawing to look the way that I want is a work in progress. However I finally got it the way that I wanted it to look. It's all about experimenting of course. (below)

2. I then scanned the drawing and found that there was a lot of grain and artifacting that would get picked up in the scan...so next time I need to find a way to clean up the drawing before I scan it. Below I start to apply the values to the background and the apply the tone to the ring and the background in Painter by creating a new layer and setting it to "Multiply"...and then taking the opacity down so that itit would not completely blot out the drawing. (below)

3.  Last I apply the lighting and the tone to Apollo himself which takes the longest time.
As the final step I apply some bulb flashes the the crowd, and then also add some lights to the ceiling.
Voila! the Master of Disaster! The King of Sting!