As the opening weekend of "Tangled" comes to a close, I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who saw the movie this weekend and gave it the biggest opening of all time for a Disney animated film. Many people have e-mailed me to express their enjoyment for the film and I appreciate all the nice sentiments. Making these things is never easy, but when a film connects with people it makes every trial along the way worthwhile and it helps remind me why I wanted to get into animation in the first place.

More than the box office numbers, though, I am very proud of the CinemaScore rating of "A+" and the Yahoo movie user rating of "A" for the film. It's a great testament to all of the people who worked tirelessly to make the film as great as possible. To all of my co-workers who gave their all for the film I'd also like to offer my thanks and congratulations, as well as for all the other people at the Studio who were busy with other projects but always took the time to offer us criticism and support when it was needed.

Of all the arts, truly the animated film is the most collaborative form, because it takes an army to make one on the scale of "Tangled". The things I will remember the most about the making of the film were the great moments of working with my superbly talented and indefatigable co-conspirators who never stopped to think about whether something was possible or not, they just kept working and working until they got it done.

So, once again, my heartfelt thanks!