Pascal Sexy Time!

Pascal is a character from the upcoming movie "Tangled". He's a chameleon and Rapunzel's best friend (when you live in a tower, your choice of friends is limited to who can crawl up high enough to hang out with you).

Recently, Disney artist Jin Kim posted a drawing of Pascal smoking on his blog. Then I was going through my old Photoshop files and found this drawing I did of Pascal that I had totally forgotten about. I don't know what it is for, exactly....some of the Production Assistants at work asked me to do it as part of an in-house video and all they told me was that he needed to be "sexy". I never saw the video, I don't know the context....

I can't say that I ever thought about how to draw a sexy chameleon before, but a challenge is always good for keeping the mind limber.

Pascal is copyright Disney and "Tangled" opens November 24th in the US.