Public Salon TV Appearance

I haven't been able to post as much work lately as the past couple of weeks have been kinda busy.
However last week, I actually did a tv panel appearance to discuss the painting that I did for the LITM Dark Matter Bright Future Show. The taping took place at the Symposia bookstore (which is the last Used Bookstore in Hoboken).

When I got there there were two other folks there ahead of me, one guy was a poet, and another guy was a spiritual Buddhist. We were also joined by a "green" engineer/artist and the founder of Community Development International, who I have to say was probably the most impressive of the bunch (they do relief work and charity for Haiti).

The discussion took place in a semi-circle that mainly focused on social issues, poverty, hunger politics, etc. I contributed what I could, but kinda stayed away from the heavy political issues.
At the end of the show I plugged LITM, and the piece that is hanging up until the end of the month (see: previous entry Dark Matter Bright Future)

It was pretty fun, and the show ended a lot sooner than we all realized.
the show will be broadcast Thursday evenings (8 to 9 pm) on Public Access Cable’s channel 19 on Cablevision. I'm not sure if you can see it in my area, but there will be a You Tube clip soon, that I will post when it's up.