LITM Dark Matter-Bright Future Show

Hey all,

Just a few pictures from the LITM show "Dark Matter Bright Future" (see previous entry).
Overall the show was a success from a turnout stand point. The group show which doubled as a fund-raising benefit to protest the construction of an oil pipeline in JC featured many local artists, working in all types of media. Below are just a few of the shots from the evening. It was a lot of fun, although compared to the other pieces featured, my piece was really really small. So I will need to work a little bigger next time. 

Opening exhibition wall:

A couple of shots of my piece "Embankment Oil Refinery":

A couple of shots of the LITM crowd:

Group show flier:

As a quick follow up, I also got invited to be on a guest panel, for a local TV show called the "Public Voice Salon". Which is awesome! More news on that soon. Happy New Year All!!!