Dark Matter Bright Future Art Show and Other News

So it's been a busy couple of weeks with the holidays coming and going, I haven't had a lot of time to post work lately....but I will post some stuff as soon as I can.

For now here is the latest:

1) Dark Matter: Bright Future:
Tomorrow is the opening of the Dark Matter: Bright Future show at LITM in Jersey City.
The opening is a benefit to protest the construction of a gas pipeline in Jersey City/Hoboken (no fucking thank you)! You can learn more about the benefit and show on the LITM Facebook page:

You can learn more about the issue here:

2) Mega Man Tribute Contest:
Still working on my piece for the Mega Man tribute contest..(deadline is in a few weeks....) I am in the middle of working out the tones, and will need to start on the color soon. It's taking a while, but hopefully if I keep at it I will turn out something awesome. If you want to enter it's not too late, you can enter the contest here.
I can't post the piece for a long while, but once I hear, I will def. give a peek.

3) MOCCA FEST 2011:
Still working on this one...still taking a while, but I will post the progress for this one as I go.
LOOOTA work to do as of yet..
Here is the link to MoCCA Fest 2011:

More work to do....oh..and Happy New Year all!!!!