Letting Go of Something that Doesn't work

For those of you that know me, you know that I have to complete things. Otherwise I feel some sort of lack of accomplishment (i'm a completist). I read an article recently on Escape From Illustration Island that says that sometimes you need to let something go from a personal project perspective that isn't working.

At the end of an illustration class that I took recently, the final project was to be a three part piece that we could use as a postcard or publicity mailer. So, my idea was to develop three movie posters that would be the "tin man" from the wizard of Oz's favorite movies. My idea was to take three semi popular movies and make parodies of them.
I got through two of the pieces, and when I got to the third piece I decided that it just wasn't fun anymore and it just wasn't working.

So, I decided to let it go, and paint something else...

You can see my progress here:
(it's as far as I got)
(Here is the original movie poster below)

the moral of the story..try and pick a project that you are excited about, and it won't seem like work.
Otherwise it'll just drag and drag and drag...

Maybe I will finish it someday if I run out of other things to paint...