Cylon Interrogator

So one of my favorite things to do is to do drawings and paintings of my favorite loved things and then post about them. This week's post is the "Cylon Interrogator" character from Battlestar Galactica.
This was a minor character in the "Pegasus" episode..who's specialty is interrogating Cylons and forcing them to turn over secrets through means such as brutality and torture.
He didn't get enough screen time in the series, so I thought that I would do a piece dedicated to this tyrant of torture. So here is how I went about this piece..

1. So as always I started with a sketch. I wanted to have Lt. Thorn standing in the front with two armed guards in back...I did a number of sketches, and like this one the best. (below)

2. From there...I scanned the sketch into Photoshop and imported the sketch into Sketchbook Pro.
In sketchbook..I did drawing on a seperate layer and tried to capture the energy and spontaneity of the original sketch. Then on top of that layer I inked the pencils in pen. I used a heavier weight for objects that are closer and then used thinner lines for the guards in the back. (below)
**Note: I purchased a reference file/book called "Posefile Reference: Ultimate Collection". It's a reference for action poses which has been super helpful. You should def. pick it up....

3. From there I then saved the drawing in Sketchbook and then moved the drawing over to Corel Painter 11. Here I add values and tones. I would love to move to colors one day...but I think that rather than moving right into colors, I would start with values and tones first and get a lot of practice setting the feel of the drawing. Below I started with the background.

4. From there I moved to the characters themselves. I wanted to emphasize the light coming from the door, and the light from over head. So I made the shadows and the fonts of the characters darker.
If light were coming from behind, then you would see lots of shadows on the front planes of most figures. I also added a haze effect in the lights and the door (not sure if you can see it at that size). Below is the final..voila!
Hope you enjoy...more to come..