Hulk vs. Zombie

So, i'm a little late with the post this week. Had some business happen, and I was still trying to finish up this piece before I could do a post. A while back I did a Hulk vs. Zombie piece that I thought was funny and that I wanted to post. Since I love drawing, illustrating and painting I wanted to use all three to see what I could come up with. I can't paint in color well....(yet) so I decided to do a gray scale painting that would help me get some practice on using values (light medium and dark values.) I will move up to color later.

So first...

1. I started with a sketch in Sketchbook Pro

2. Next I moved to blocking in the basic colors in Painter (I think that next time I should block in colors all at once, and not just use tones on the foreground and characters first.

3. More time in Painter....adding the tones, and the backgrounds (I am not good at backgrounds..I gotta work on that)

4. I then moved back to Sketchbook to add the word balloon and final touches. and Voila!

I am psyched for how this came out, and I hope to get better as I move along.