Virgin America Safety Video

I recently took a flight on Virgin America Airlines. Their pre-flight safety video is a nice piece of work and uses animation in a unique way.

As I was watching it I kept wanting the animation to be more exaggerated - from an animation standpoint it felt a bit restrained. But on the other hand, the gentle quality of the animation had a calming effect, which I assume was a deliberate choice. The style of animation, the quirky designs, the soothing music, the calm narrator and the eclectic humor all seemed like great choices to calm and settle nervous viewers right before their plane takes off.

Also the choice of animation (and the unusual style) is a nice change from the typical pre-flight video which always features real people telling you about the aircraft's safety features. I think passengers are more likely to pay attention to it because it's so unexpected and different from what you expect before a flight.

So I found it to be a smart use of animation and I felt there were a lot of smart choices made in the execution to fulfill a specific purpose.