Nothing Better Ch 15 **UPDATE** 10/16/11

***UPDATE 11/27/11***
Since this last update I have signed with an agent who is interested in shopping around Raised on Ritalin to publishers and work on Chicagoland #4 has started. Instead of just leaving you all hanging I think it's fair to say that Nothing Better will be on hiatus for (probably) a few months. I need to focus on putting together a formal proposal for Raised on Ritalin, and continuing development of, and work on, that book.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support. Keep an eye on this site, Twitter, or my site's newsfeed!

UPDATE 10/16/11*************
here is a long overdue update of 5 pages! these were all inked and scanned at the beginning of September and then my son was born!! we welcomed little Leo to the world on Sept 11th and have been busy getting used to life with two kids. so far it's going as well as it can, but it means not a lot of free time for comics work. luckily Chicagoland 4 hasn't started up yet so I'll devote what little time I *do* have to some more Nothing Better pages as I can.

I've also started working on another full-length GN in my spare time, about my experiences growing up with ADD and being treated with Ritalin and other meds. you can check out my progress at (and by spare time I literally mean that - most of the book has been written and drawn during my lunch and coffee breaks at MCAD).