Digable Arts Fest Prints (Oct.15th and 16th)

Next weekend I will be showing my work in the Digable Arts Fest exhibition. This is a two day long art fest that will be showcasing a number of artists in a huge massive gallery, along with music, installations, sculpture and bands. In preparation, I printed up a number of large scale prints for the show. These are prints that I made from old posts, paintings and other work that I have been posting on this blog over the past one to two years.

I found a place that make large scale matte prints (nomrally made for photos, but in this case they work equally well for paintings and such done in photoshop. In addition they didn't cost me an arm and a leg to make. Before the show next week, I will have them foam mounted, so that they can be easily hung.
The work that I am showing as as follows:
-Oil refinery:


-Marcus Garvey:

-Robot (show) Fight:

-First Street

-Charles Bronson (which I forgot to print)
I am still missing one print, but I will post all of the work once I get the last print in.