Demon Ass Kicker Process..

So to keep things going until I start my painting my class in July, I have been participating in a number of different sketch challenges over on the CG-Hub site. The challenge this week was to do a character of a Demon Hunter. I decided to go full Painter on this one as a means to continue to compare the two programs (Painter vs. Photoshop). Below is the process post to the final image.

1. Start with a sketch as usual. I came up with a back story for this character to help to define the character more. (See below)

2. Drawing clean up (I did this in Photoshop) (See below):
3. Added tones (I found a new basic ink brush in Painter that gave clean basic tones):

4. Added basic colors to the image (See below):

5. Final Color adjustments and lighting effects: