Drawing Teeth

Teeth are fun to draw. They are shaped like tiny aliens, tentacled underwater creatures, or controversial modern sculpture. Using Kilgore dental study models as reference, I designed a number of t-shirts for my class over four years of dental school. To celebrate graduation and our shiny new DDS degrees, here all the designs in one extensive blog post.

This would be a great game for an arcade or dental office waiting room. I just have to clear up a few copyright issues:

Though it looks like your typical set of wind-up teeth, this is actually a functional complete denture:

The little guy in the background is jumping on a rheostat pedal, which is used to control the RPMs of the high-speed handpiece ("the drill," for those not up on proper dental terminology):

I had the cover of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by the Flaming Lips in mind when I drew this: 

Unfortunately, this last design was never printed on a shirt. Apparently the rapper Lil' John has limited commercial appeal: