Teaching with Abstract Comics

Good morning, students. 

Here are a couple examples I've found (thanks to Google Alerts) of Abstract Comics being used in classrooms:

#1: This was posted by Jonita Griffith, an art teacher in Astoria, New York, who had her class make abstract comics:

Here's one sample:

#2: Some pieces from the book, along with questions about those pieces, are being used for an Art Appreciation class taught by Ruth Meredith at Lewis University, Chicago: 

Link to the pdf: http://artappreciationkafb.wikispaces.com/file/view/Abstract+Comics+Examples.pdf

#3: In case you missed this when it was posted back in February 2010, here is an article about high school students in Moscow, Russia who were inspired by the anthology to make their own abstract comics:


See more photos and download the pdf here: http://proteytemen.com/blog/abstract-comics/?lang=en

P.S. If you are a teacher who is working with abstract comics in your class, please feel free to contact me at: getsiv(at)ipinc(dot)net and let me know if you want your example posted here.