More Black Swan W.I.P.

I have decided that drawing digitally seems like an easy fix to get things into the computer. The problem is that it looks like shit. There is something about the natural feel of drawing that you lose when you try to do it digitally. I have tried over and over and am not ever happy with the results. Other people seem to be able to pull it off, but I can't somehow. So I have decided to just work in pen and pencil/paper and scan everything. So I posted the Black Swan piece, and I def. hated it.  I went back and tried to redo it in pen and pencil now.

I then went in and added some colors to the piece (I had only intended to do a basic color of a pen and ink drawing. However during the process a happy accident happened and I realized that if I moved the color layer above* the line layers and then added values I would somewhat get the same effects of a painting (not as refined of course)
 The final step..was that I added a textured background to give the picture some atmosphere.
I have to say that even though the painting is not necessarily masterful...I def. like the way that this came out. This was a total accident, but I am excited about the day that I can get this result on command. Oh and Happy Easter!