MOCCA Fest Post Game

MOCCA Fest has come and gone...what a great great great show. I had such a good time..SUCH a good time and met a lot of folks and even sold some books..who knew that would happen? The best part is that I got a bunch of comics to read. and....I haven't really been reading books for a while..but the fact that I met the actual creators makes the books that I got that much more compelling to read.

Day 1:
I arrived and got my badge and my seat assignment.,and found that I was seated right by the entrance. I sat next to a bunch of gals from Ireland who were selling a bunch of indie comics, kids books, cards and other things. At the end of our row were two guys from Accent UK comics (you can click on the link to check out their selection of comics and their site), and right off the bat I realized that people actually came across the Atlantic to make the show. So I guess i'm pretty lucky to have access to the festival right here in NYC.

Before I sat at my table I took a lap and saw what the other tables were that were being to being set up
I saw so many cool tables and pieces of art from indie folks and publishers that just blew my stuff out the water. Right away I was thinking about ways to make my stuff better for the next show.
By mid afternoon a couple of friends came though which I really appreciated. I had a really great first day..and I even sold a book or two...I was tired by the end of day one, but was so excited to be a part of the show and was psyched that I was in for more on day 2.
Day 2:
Day 2 started off even better than day one. I got there early to make sure that I got a bagel and a poptart to eat before the show started. So I was sitting at my table and along comes Bill Plympton who is an animator/cartoonist and pretty well known in the biz. He just released a DVD and was there at the show to promote his latest work. He actually came up to my table and said really nice things about my banner and my art work, Wow. that was super cool. He even autographed my sketch book and signed it too,!

I spent the rest of the day selling some more books, giving advice to some folks that were curious about getting into the show and putting their own stuff out and.....I even did a sketch. Which I don't think I did such a good job on. However I was flattered that I was asked. I closed the day out with two envelopes of free books, hoardes of biz cards and a ton of new connections..which was what I was hoping for. After spending so much time in isolation working on this book, not knowing what to expect, I came home patting myself on the back with the ability to say that I was in an indie comics show. I can't wait for the next one (I already have an idea)...and to read all the free comics I got..