Manny the Bot! MOCCA Fest 1 Week away!

That's right..MOCCA Fest is one week away. So far:
-I've got my banner and stand ready
-I go my postcards in the mail
-I finished the comic, and got my business cards
The only thing that is left? Printing!
One week to go, and I realized that the printer that I was going to go to around the block, is not* the most tech savvy. I figured that I could go there and have them work it up really quickly, but they are just a mom and pop shop, and so I am going to need to find a place to go and get it done.

There is one place in Brooklyn that specifies in black and white comic printing (but it's in Brooklyn and that's not the closest). So I am gonna start with STAPLES and hope that the easy button works for me.
I finished it early enough that I should have enough time to get it done, but if for some reason that doesn't work, then I am gonna need to go to the Bk. place and hope that they can get it to me this week (preferably before Friday?)

I will also need to pick up a few other things and figure out how to get it all there (I think I can just take the train).  Here is the post card that I did for promotion.

It's based off of an old Charles Bronson film called 10 to Midnight. (Here is the original):

I will def. take pictures and do a post after the event.