Pencils vs. Pixels

With the technology available today we rely on computers more and more to get the point across.
For some time now I have been bouncing back and forth on wether to go the digital route or to stay traditional, or to go both ways. This week I did a test of an idea to see which outcome looks the best.

The remake of True Grit (an old John Wayne film) is due out in a few weeks, and I thought that I would use my version of the movie poster to try and test which looks best. In doing two versions I found that there are obviously some things that are easier doing it digitally. Making edits, comes a lot easier doing the work digitally..obviously as well as working off of layers and making changes on the fly.

The one benefit to working traditionally though is the actual quality of the line is better.
I find that in working digitally) off of a Wacom tablet, that I don't have as much control and the tactile feel of the tablet makes getting a feel for the drawing a lot tougher.

Obviously it's a personal choice, and one needs to pick the method that works the best.
(Below: First version done in pen and ink)
(Below: Second version done digitally) 

(Below: Original Movie Poster)

Of course the tool is only the means..but what you do with each technique is what will determine the final outcome.