Blanka Vs. Part II

Last week I did a post about completing and getting the lines that you wanted in Sketchbook Pro (see previous post). So this week I decided to finish up that sketch and turn it into a finished piece. Just to see what it would look like.

1) Completed sketch in blue... 

2) Here is the completed sketch. I brought the image into Painter (which I am still trying to make my way around it.) Here I colorized the image to turn the blue lines to black. This keeps the tone of the original drawing (I love this feature)  
3) Here I added the values to the drawing. I used a different brush this time to give the values a more animation like feel. I like the way that it came out. I think I am gonna keep using it for now.

4) I am not the best fact I don't know how to handle color at all...but I just tried to go with the basic rule of having things stand out from one another. I might actually take a color class to help with applying color techniques.

5) Here I am adding more layers to the picture and starting to paint over the lines. I wasn't sure if the picture looked better with painting over the lines, or if it was better to keep some of the under drawing exposed. I thought about doing a combination, but this is something that I will have to practice with in the future.
6) More painting on layers here....add some details and trying to give the muscles and the overall tone a smoother feel.
7) Adding some flame and lighting effects using some of the brushes available in Painter.

8) Here is the final! Woo hoo! Go Blanka!!!!!