How to get the lines you want in Sketchbook Pro

For some tine now I have been trying to decide which is better, going traditional or going digital. Is it better to draw the old fashioned way and then scan and go from there, or to start digitally and keep it consistant. Much like my last post the result is up to personal preference. However in trying to  
find a way to get the drawings to look their best I actually found something that worked well for me.

Draw what you want:
1) Start with a heavily detailed sketch. Put in your planning lines, lines for perspective set up your foreground and basic shapes. Basically draw what you want, and add as much detail as you like.

2: Duplicate the layer: (Below)
When you are done and have added as much as you wanted.
In the layer window panel select "duplicate layer". This creates a copy of the layer you were just working from.

3: Reduce the opacity:
Then go to the first layer and reduce the layer that you made the copy from to about 20%. This allows you to see the layer that you are working from and use that as a guide, but still be able to work on the new layer and refine your details.

4: Continue working and adding more details as you like. On the top layer erase any sketch lines and guidelines that you don't want in your final drawing.

5. When done hide the layer underneath, and voila!