Waitin' to Exhale Final Project

Here is the second of my final projects from my illustration class. The idea is to recreate 3 movie posters replacing the main characters with metal or tin people. (the tin idea based on an idea that I created for a previous assignment). Below is the final image along with some steps along the way for each phase.

1) I did a sketch based on the original movie poster except that I then turn the main characters into "tin people". Trying to keep the main positions and mood the same. When done I then bring this into Painter and finish up the image.

2)  I am no master painter..and I am learning as I go. I basically start with finding a color scheme (I used the original poster to base my colors). I then start filling in the values and adding an overall color to the painting. I then go in and fill in all the details (this takes a long time). I use some textures for parts of the dress and the sweater. To finish up I tweak the overall lighting on the candles and the background and Voila..painting #2 done. Now I just have the last and final painting do to. I will post that as soon as I am done. Enjoy!
3) Here is the original movie poster online for personal use only (please don't sue me 20th Century Fox)