Sleepwalker Tutorial

One of the things that I am hoping to learn from using Painter, is not just how to use the program, but to also learn how to use the tips and tricks as part of my own work/paintings.
The next chapter that I completed covers painting a night scene using the image of a sleep walker.

1) Starting with a sketch, the painting is prepped and sized. Using the darkness/contrast controls this helps to bring out the lines of the sketch so that it makes is easier to see.

2) The next step involves painting in the background and the basic colors including the floor boards and the shadows as well as the candle glow. This part takes a bit of time (it took me about a week)

3) The last step involves adding the shadow effect and the window illusion over the sleepwalker, and voila! night scene is painted. I don't think that I am going to put this in the portfolio, but at least it's good practice!