Space Salesman Final

This was a project that I was working on finishing for my illustration class final.
The concept had to do with an article that we had to illustrate an idea for (the article was about jetlag).
So, I decided that jet lag was a lot like being disoriented in space (I thought that the salesman reference was also applicable). Ugh, this one took forever. I started (and finished) this illustration previously, but then decided that the painting/illustration did not come out the way that I wanted.
So I started part of the illustration over (I don't know why I am big on starting things over...I guess it's to make the illustration as good as I can get it). Unfortunately, I still don't think it necessarily came out right. I am not even sure why I am posting this, I guess so that I can call this one done and as a means to move on.Oh well, practice makes perfect as they say.