Four Years Old

So I just realized that I started writing this blog four years ago last Thursday. It snuck up on me or else I would have done something interesting for the anniversary. Maybe for the five year one....

Some fun facts:

I realized that I've been working on the same movie for the whole four years that I've been blogging.

I've written 262 posts in four years. That sounded low to me at first, but it actually works out to an average of five and a half posts a month, which is more than I would have thought.

Okay, those facts weren't very fun.

Whenever I accidentally stumble over one of my old posts I always cringe because, in retrospect, my writing always seems confusing, poorly written and even downright wrong. Everyone who reads the blog is so forgiving and supportive, so thanks for all of the great comments over the years. And meeting people who know me through the blog never gets old. So thanks to everyone for going on this journey with me and hanging in there.