"New Yorker" Staging

I'd swear that I read somewhere that when Disney animator Marc Davis taught drawing classes at Disney, he told his students to look at old New Yorker cartoons from the 30's and 40's and try to redraw the and improve their staging. Basically, they were always staged so well that it was a nearly impossible task. I don't remember where I read that he did that, or if it's even true...can anybody help me out here?

Anyway, I grabbed these from a CD that came with the big treasury of New Yorker cartoons that came out a few years ago. I'm sorry the quality is so low...it's the way the CD was made so that they can't be reproduced, I guess. But take a look at these and ask yourself what you would add, or remove, or draw differently to make the ideas come across better.

These are by Robert J. Day:

These are Peter Arno's:

Please let me know if these are clear enough to see; also, let me know if you found this interesting or not...I can post lots more if people liked this.