New Changes Coming

 In March I'll have been posting for six years and it's been amazing - thanks for all your great comments and kind words. I wanted to take a moment to mention some changes that are coming.

This is kind of a long post so here's the tl;dr (too long; didn't read) summary: I'm going to put ads on the blog this year, and also in 2012 I am going to start posting my graphic novel online for free.

Here's the long explanation:

Originally I had a different plan. I've been working on a graphic novel for over a year and a half and my plan was to always post that in installments on a different website online and put ads on that website because I've always wanted to keep this site ad free. But the more I looked at online comics the more I realized that having ads on a comics site really distracts from the experience - it's hard to get involved in them and get wrapped up in the story when there are ads flashing all over the page. So gradually I realized that I didn't want to put ads along with my graphic novel....I just wanted to post my story so people would read it.

So eventually I'll be posting my graphic novel for free. It's turned into a massive undertaking and I can't quite start posting it yet. I need to get farther into it before I can start sharing it. And my work schedule is always changing so I don't know when exactly I'll have enough done to start posting. Sometime in 2012 for sure.

I would leave both sites ad free if I could. However, my children are getting older and, of all the things that keep me awake at night, one of them is that I'd like to set more aside for their college funds. So it seems appropriate to take any money I might make off this site and apply it towards their education. I appreciate your understanding on this and I hope the ads won't negatively effect the experience of visiting the site.

Working on my graphic novel has definitely cut into my blogging time over the last year and a half or so, but I am excited to get to a point where I can post it and I hope you will all check it out when I do.

Best wishes for a happy 2012!