A brief editorial comment...anyone that looks in here and doesn't like the content, it's too frackin bad...I sure as hell ain't twisting anyone's arm to visit! I am not interested in hearing from you moaners that complain that I may stray from what they may feel appropriate...especially considerin' all the hours of work I put in providing so many high quality scans of often obscure works of art for five years! Anyone that visits here knows that my interests are all over the place...but to my eye there is nothing finer than a beautiful woman! I never beg for donations...I rarely bore you with what I think of of art or how it should be interpreted (art speaks for it self...if you have to be told what you are looking at then the artist has failed...it's more likely that so called experts have to make themselves feel better by trying to explain what is there for all of us to see!)...I never post self gratifying pixs of myself...who cares what I look like or what I did when I was a teen-ager...I don't get it why so many people go that route...no-one cares! Perhaps it's time for me to leave this forum? I know most of you just are cruising through...probably not even taking the time to really look at the art...I know facey-book and tweetering is far more important than serious art...a totally pissed-off and digusted

Mr Door Tree!