So much happening......'s been an age since I have done any posting. I just came back from a two week trip in Guatemala, and it was one of the best trips that I have taken in a long time.
Now, along with trying to learn how to draw, and paint, I have also decided to take on learning Spanish as well. I actually had made my way along in Spanish for a while, and then got lazy and side tracked.
 Now however I think that I am actually going to stick with it. So that's one more thins to add to the "to do" list. Anyway here is a quick break down of the haps..

-Went to Guatemala and had such a good time. The kids work shop was so amazing, and I def. got teary eyed and sad once it was over. However I had such a good time. Then I stayed on a week after to take a Spanish class...

-I came back and have been splitting my time between Spanish and drawing and's a lot, but I feel like if I stay focused I can make it happen

-Speaking of digital painting, my class (painting in Photoshop starts tomorrow)...but it's online so I can watch over the weekend and make sure to keep up with the assignments (that's when studying Spanish will get hard) will need lots of discipline

-My photoshop trial is done...and as much as I want to click "buy now" and enter in my credit card number, I def. feel like I have a few expenses that I need to cover first (esp. my car if I need to pay for that.) Since the class uses Photoshop though I might need to just use my lap top for classes until I can figure it out.

-Since my photoshop is done, I have not been able to scan or really do any work but I will need to figure it out by Saturday. Anyway, more work to come soon...

That's all I got now...time to eat and then maybe I will do some quick sketching before I go to bed....