Nothing Better Chapter 15

UPDATE 10/16/11*************
here is a long overdue update of 5 pages! these were all inked and scanned at the beginning of September and then my son was born!! we welcomed little Leo to the world on Sept 11th and have been busy getting used to life with two kids. so far it's going as well as it can, but it means not a lot of free time for comics work. luckily Chicagoland 4 hasn't started up yet so I'll devote what little time I *do* have to some more Nothing Better pages as I can.

I've also started working on another full-length GN in my spare time, about my experiences growing up with ADD and being treated with Ritalin and other meds. you can check out my progress at (and by spare time I literally mean that - most of the book has been written and drawn during my lunch and coffee breaks at MCAD).

UPDATE 7/31/11**************
as promised, two weeks and five more pages! I'll keep pushing along with Nothing Better as fast as I can until either our baby is born (due 9/15) or my next freelance contract starts up. I'll obviously still keep working on NB but updates will slow down again after both of those things happen.

UPDATE 7/16/11**************
starting with the next update I'll set up the site so that you'll just see the most current update on the main page. that way if you're just dropping in to see if there's an update you'll know right away. if there is, you'll then have the option of reading just the update or clicking back and reading the update along with the rest of the current chapter. sound good?

PS - I should have another 5 pages for you in under two weeks.

welcome to the "new" Nothing Better site. the old one was hosted at about four years ago that site was bought by a developer and they were supposed to merge with ComicSpace and be this big, awesome, and all-inclusive site for webcomics people. that never happened. WCN has languished with no development and those of us who still used it had begun to worry the site might go dark at any time. so I looked at alternatives and my familiarity with Blogger won out.

there's also the fact that, since NB no longer updates daily or weekly like a 'traditional' webcomic, but in chunks, I wasn't looking for something like WordPress/ComicPress that was strictly for comics content management. since Nothing Better is essentially an online graphic novel I've always liked having the chapters display as a whole unit - even if it means waiting a minute for the page to load. and with all the advancements Blogger has made over the past few years setting this up was a snap. I was able to copy all the things I liked about the old WCN site and get it running in about 10 minutes. easy-peesy.

you folks get a cleaner, updated interface, and I get ease-of-use and reliable hosting that I don't have to worry about going dark at any moment. you'll also notice there are spots for comments under each chapter and one-click share buttons for facebook, twitter, and so on. new pages will be posted at the bottom of the page so you'll have to scroll down to check - OR - follow me on twitter or tumblr or add the comic feed to your RSS reader (the feed will get updated anytime there are new pages)!

enjoy and let me know what you think!

PS - the URL will always point to wherever the comic is hosted and should now be redirecting here. you may have to refresh your browser in order to get that to work.

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