An Antecedent to Abstract Comics

My wife and I were going through our back room and throwing a lot of stuff away.  We found my portfolio from freshman year of art school.  (We've moved it twice and just now looked through it.)  Most of the contents were pretty embarrassing and it is no surprise that I was not accepted into the Graphic Design department based on its merits. 

While the greater parts of the portfolio's are now residing in my garbage bin awaiting the weekly pick up on Tuesday morning, I saved this piece from the rubble.

I made it for my first design class and I remember getting a B+ for it.  Everyone looked at it and said "it looks like a comic book."  I denied this of course, because making comics in art school was about as cool as painting non-ironic unicorns.

But now I post it here for all to see that I was making abstract comics as long ago as 1999.