Here's a perfect cartoon for the week of July 4th - DONALD'S VACATION (1940). Above is the original theatrical release poster. Below, the cartoon's title card:

The cartoon has lavish background art. Disney artists had reached their peak - SNOW WHITE and PINOCCHIO were done, FANTASIA was in production. It's astonishing this level of artwork was created for a short!

DONALD'S VACATION had one of the most difficult pan backgrounds I've ever digitally re-assembled. The camera followed a twisting arc, as well as including a zoom, pan and a multiplane tree! It took two days - but I managed to finish this intriguing piece of art. Here's the whole pan B/G:

Here's the left side:

The right side:

Just for kicks, I adjusted the B/G to nearly level, to give us another view:

Here are several additional pieces from the film: