Two Plugs

I will be involved with a panel at the San Diego Comic Con this year to promote the upcoming film "Tangled". The official description from the SDCC website:

Walt Disney Animation Studios: Character Creation! Throughout the years, Walt Disney Animation Studios has brought us some of the most memorable, unique, and appealing onscreen characters. Disney Animation's upcoming release Tangled introduces a fresh and irresistible new bunch. Nathan Greno and Byron Howard (directors), Glen Keane (animation supervisor), and other artists from Tangled discuss the creation of their unforgettable characters.

It will be on Thursday, July 22nd from 2:00-3:00 in Room 5AB (according to their website as of today, anyway).

In case you were wondering, "other artists from Tangled" means Jin Kim and myself, as far as I know. And, yes, printing our two names would have been exactly as many words as "other artists from Tangled" but they knew that if they mentioned Jin and myself by name there would never have been a room big enough to hold all the crazy screaming and crying fans. So they left us off. Very smart!

The best part is this: the night before the panel I will be arriving home on a plane from England (unless another volcano explodes or something and my flight doesn't make it), and then getting up early and driving down to San Diego the next day, so who knows what kind of mental state and/or level of coherence I'll even be in during the panel. So come and see what kind of strange thing I might say!

Just kidding, I'm sure I'll be fine and no more befuddled and confused than my usual level of befuddlement and confusion, and please come because I assure you everyone else will sound very smart and will have a lot of interesting things to say about the movie and I'm sure there will be a lot of cool artwork shown.

I couldn't attend last year's but by all accounts the CTN Animation Expo was a great event for both newcomers to the field and industry veterans. I'm hoping I can make it this year myself. Here's their official press release:

The Creative Talent Network Animation Expo (CTN-X) this Nov 19-21st announces a host of special events for professional artists, art students and industry executives. Attendees will enjoy: Portfolio Reviews, “Raising the Bar Recruiting", Talent Mixers, Breakfast with the Pros, screenings, art contests judged by industry leaders, live demonstrations from world class talent and more. After hours, the fun continues with “CTN-X @ Nite” networking mixers and VIP Receptions.

CTN-X takes place at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center with ample discounted parking, conveniently located across the street from the Burbank Airport and Amtrak Station. Register today online to receive 10% off with the special Seven Camels discount code CAMELSX10 on the early bird prices of $60 for a day pass and $130 for a 3-day pass. Discounted rates good until July 31st are available to students, active military and professional industry organizations. Space limited so sign up today. For more information and to register, please visit: or call, (800) 604-2238.

Here's the official website.

Hope to see you in San Diego in a couple of weeks!