I'm sorry guys, I'm not actually all that sick, but I'm finding it really difficult standing at my computer and trying to write. I can talk alright, but I can't seem to string more than a few sentences together without getting all foggy.

I've gotten several questions since I announced I was coming back online, though, so let me address those really quick:

Regarding the scanning tutorials, I'm actually gonna pause those a bit to conduct some further research and do some interviewing. I met this fellow named Nolan Woodward at SCAD Atlanta, and he's a true expert on all this sort of stuff. Everyone has different ways of scanning and processing files, and many of them work, but I'm convinced that his information is the very best and the most technically correct available. So, before I start the tutorials, I want to try all of his methods myself, really learn them so I can convey them to you as clearly as possible. Scanning is a super important issue, because what most cartoonists actually make for a living ISN'T drawings, it's digital files of scanned artwork. Which is WHY lesson one was get an external hard drive. And believe me, no matter what else I write, the day will come when THAT piece of advice turns out to be the best thing I ever told you.

I have the next entry partway constructed in the pipeline, waiting for me to get well, and if I'm up to it tonight I'll post some of the links I've been collecting in the off time for you to chew on till I'm well.

Again, I'm sorry for the delay. If it makes you feel any better this cold ain't too convenient for me either.

And finally, thanks to all of you who sent me very warm whoops of joy that I was back online.