Perhaps I didn't make myself clear last time.

In my post on February the 5th of this year titled "That's gonna stop right now" I thought I made it very clear than if you were a company and you wanted to use my blog as an advertising platform you are to contact me directly and ask, rather than spamming my comments posing as a legitimate reader.

I believe I also made it clear that anyone who did spam my blog would see this blog used as a platform to damage them and their enterprise.

The FREE COMICS, MANGA, ANIME ARTWORKS DOWNLOAD blog just fucked up big time.

Not only did they have someone pose as a commenter on my blog, their site has several comics made by personal friends of mine who frankly don't get rich from making their comics, and this site is giving away their copyrighted work for free. Some of these books are self published, so they can't exactly say they're sticking it to the big guys, or that they're only hurting big companies. This site also has a great many comics from Dark Horse that I know they didn't get permission to give away, and I love Dark Horse as a company and have many friends with them.

If that commenter is reading this- you used the name OneShare- I passed along this blog to one of my editor friends at Dark Horse to have her pass it along to their legal department- maybe they'll find it worth their while to slap you with a cease and desist order, you fucking douche nozzle.

I'm a professional fucking cartoonist, asshole- what the FUCK did you THINK I was going to do when you strolled into my blog advertising the fact that you were giving away other cartoonist's work without their permisson? Choke on shit and die like a pig in hell. You'd better hope I'm too busy to remember to contact Marvel, Image, Fantagraphics, DC and many others while I'm at it. You stole from Jason Shiga, motherfucker- for that alone I'd gladly snip off your toes and fingers with a cigar cutter.

I hope I've made my stance on this issue very clear, yes? Anyone else wanna spam me?

There will be a regular comic tools post later today and regular weekly posting will resume thereafter.