My photographer friend Emily Felger let me know that Hack-a-Day blog author Eliot Phillips wrote a post about my raisin box camera mask that I use for taking some of the photos of my hands.

I don't know that strapping a raisin box to my head counts as a "hack", even by the loose definition I see on BoingBoing these days. I mean, if I pick something up, is that a "gravity hack?" Is any method of getting around and problem by any means now a hack? Now that thing I did a few years back to that busted fountain pen- that was a hack. (And let me address something some commenters brought up about that: I was fucking with a broken pen that I was going to throw out anyway. Some people seemed to think I was advocating doing this to a new pen, making Frankenstein out of perfectly healthy living people, so to speak. Do NOT do this to a new pen, or baby fountain pen Jesus will cry. Also, I have since found better ways to accomplish the same goals I did with this, ones much less aesthetically harmful to the pen. That having been said, years later it still works just fine.)

In any event I'm grateful that he was tickled enough to post about it and plug my blog on his. If you're reading, thanks Eliot!