How To Get Past A Creative Block

Most of the time, I spend my day job hours unable to wait until I can get home, sit in front of my computer or grab my sketchbook and draw or paint my life away. Sometimes though, I will sit down to do work, and find that all of those ideas that I had in my head have just leaked out of my ear. What even happened? Where did those juicy concepts go, they were there a minute ago? Crap!
Well it seems that the problem isn't a lack interest or desire, but that quite simply the creative tank is empty. Just like a musician who is stuck on writing a song verse, drawing and painting is very similar. It's easy to get stuck in a rut. So how do you get "un-stuck" you might ask? Try the following ideas the next time this happens:
1. Take a Break: Again, for me I can't stress how important it is to take breaks. If you spend all of your time putting pressure on yourself to come up with a great drawing or painting, it won't happen. To use the musician reference, musicians and producers need to give their ears a break and the same needs to happen to visual artists' (eyes). Stop what you are doing and come back to it a bit later with fresh eyes. You never know, between the time that you leave your drafting table/computer desk and the time that you return you might already get unstuck.

2. Find Something to Inspire You: For me, I get a lot of inspiration from character designs, cartoons, movies, video games, art books, tumblr, deviantart, illustration books, anime, my favorite movies, magazines anything. The great thing about being an artist is that inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. The key is to find out what inspires you most and use that.

3. Go to a Museum/Study Art History: Up until now I didn't value the importance of art history and studying past artists as much as I should have. A good idea to fill up your creative tank is to go back to the basics and take in some exhibits. Find the type of artists that you like most and use them as inspiration. You can even try exhibits that you would not normally go to on your own (just to try something new).

4. Listen to Pod Casts: One of the key benefits to listening to podcasts is hearing what other artists have to say about their own issues with creativity. I know that for me it always helps to know that other people sometimes have the same problems with coming up with ideas. There are a ton of podcasts to choose from.
Look online and try and few different podcasts and before you know it you will be hooked.

5. Network With Other Artists: You hear a lot about how networking is so key in any business or industry, and it's true. Sharing your ideas can be one of the easiest ways to work through a problem. Linking up with other artists can help you look at your own work from a different perspective and open up new ideas. Once this happens you might be headed back to the drawing table or computer with an entirely new direction. Voila Creative Block Unblocked!

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