Latest Posts and happenings..

-This week has been pretty busy, I entered a design contest over on this site called “” it’s a pretty sweet competition site where you can upload your own design and have the chance to be featured on their site plus a gift certificate to some of their products.You can check it out here: (and vote if you like)

-Tonight when I am back home from hanging with family business then i’ll post a few more pics that I have been working on from last week. I have been working on toning some of my drawings using Photoshop. There really is something about the way that Photoshop renders images that make the drawings look different than in painter and kind of awesome. I wish that there was a way to consolidate both programs into one. I will post those later today.

-This week I am off on my trip to Guatelmala and then by the time I get back it will be time to start my digitial online painting class. Which I am pretty psyched about. I will be posting the stuff that I do for class as I complete my assignments week to week.  Until then it’ll be more practice and experimenting…
More to come..have a good week everyone