Here's an example of what I was trying to talk about a couple of posts ago, about finding entertainment in the everyday simple things that we all know...shedding a new light on something that is commonplace and mundane and making it funny and new again.

It's a TV commercial for Chef Boyardee's ravioli, and I always say that students learning to make short films should look at TV ads, because in TV they are forced to tell a story and get their point over clearly within thirty seconds.

I like the tone that the ad hits. It's not cloying or juvenile, and they're walking a thin line where the blanket could easily become creepy, but doesn't. They're smart to sell their product as comforting, safe, and a warm reminder of your childhood to try and get preteens and teens to keep eating the stuff and not feel like they've "outgrown it".

Also because calling their product "meat-that's-not-good-enough-to-be-used-in-hot-dogs-pressed-into-squares-and-loaded-with-sugar" didn't rate as well with the focus groups.